Optergy App Help

Optergy App Setup

Follow these steps to initially setup the Optergy Mobile app:

  1. Update the Optergy application with the latest update 2.2.4
  2. Setup the 'App' permissions from the 'User Administration' tab of Optergy 
  3. There is a new icon on Optergy - 'App Management', it is used to setup the various features on App for different users (check help)
  4. Setup the port forwarding for the App if you will be accessing the site from the external network
  5. For internal network default port should be 1337
  6. Download the Optergy App from Google play store / apple store
  7. You will be presented with login screen, fill in the credentials
  8. IP or URL Example: ; 1337 is the port number
  9. Username and Password of the user using the APP
  10. Custom site name can be any preferred name

Optergy App Setup File


Optergy App Help File